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The show also presents "healthy eating tips" that are sponsored by Xyience, a company that sells weight-loss supplements.

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") are bleeped, while words like "ass" and "damn" remain.

Weight loss experts are introduced by a host who notes the books the experts have written -- which, in turn, are advertised during commercial breaks.

Through the magic of television, contestants seem to magically "melt," dropping upwards of 30 pounds in just eight episodes -- even though the actual weight-loss period spans 100 days.

But while the series makes a concerted effort to emphasize healthy weight loss over fast results -- setting sensible weight-loss goals customized to each contestant -- the message could easily be misinterpreted by impressionable teens who might try to slim down on their own at a faster rate without a doctor's supervision.

These are workouts you can do in your living room in front of the TV, he claims. Just half an hour, four times a week, for which you'll get fabulous rewards - including "rocketing lust levels".

Walden, 41, devised the exercises when he was made a drill instructor in the US Marines and decided to make his platoon the fittest.

"whore," "slut," "ratchet" and "daddy issues." Dominique says she fired off a cease and desist to the show to remove the audience poll from the segment before it aired -- and even though producers obliged, she says the damage was done in front of the live audience.

She also claims they altered pics of her to make her look more provocative.

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As we reported, Weinstein declined to call police and left the restaurant.

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