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If we're being really picky about it, a "dating sim" in its purest sense is technically a game in which you build up the protagonist's stats in a vaguely RPG-ish manner -- perhaps through some sort of "time scheduling" system -- and then make use of those stats to pursue one or more of the game's romantic interests.It's quite literally a life simulator in which the primary focus of your machinations is to find yourself in a romantic relationship (and, possibly, bed) with someone who takes your fancy.It's doubtful even the mighty PS2, with what some would rightly claim is the best RPG lineup in the history of games, has seen many titles with this much replay value.

Many of these women are desperate single mothers and married women who want to have an affair. Do you agree to keep the identity of these women secret?

Snuggle up and get cozy -- this week we take a look at visual novel/dating sim/strategy game/RPG hybrid Aselia the Eternal.

What I will happily try to convey, though, is just how much of developer Overworks' later SRPG efforts shines through here.

This is the same developer responsible for Skies of Arcadia and the absolutely brilliant Valkyria Chronicles -- and the latter's roots are especially apparent almost from the second you start your first battle.

What better time to indulge yourself with some virtual romance courtesy of Japan's fine selection of relationship-centric titles?

Article by Pete Davison, The term "dating sim" means different things according to who you say it to.

For those concerned about censorship, don't worry; the "all-ages" version we have today doesn't feel compromised in any form, and due to its substantial rewrites and expansions over the original, is in fact regarded by some players as the definitive version.

The game itself is a visual novel, and a dating sim, and a brutally challenging strategy game, and an RPG.

Videogames have become a worldwide affair -- particularly in the HD era where budgets make multi-region and multiplatform development almost a must.

It's not just about recouping costs, though; vastly improved localization efforts have led to audiences outside a game's native country being hungry for the unique quirks of a game birthed and nurtured in a far away land can have.

Be sure to share some of your favorites in the comments, too -- I'm always looking for fun new games to try.

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