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Looking for 50th birthday party ideas or gift ideas, simply do this same thing but do 50 instead!In order to tie all of the presents together into one cohesive “present,” I used this set of free birthday printables from J Goode Designs.With gift ideas in all price ranges, there’s something on this list of 30th gift ideas for everyone!

These prompts make the perfect anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas presents. (Rich did top 10 reasons Celeste is awesome at Valentine’s day).

Seriously, imagine their face after reading letters answering these questions. Other Top 10 lists could include: Top 10 favorite memories together, Top 10 moments I loved you most, Top 10 events I’m looking forward to spending with you this year. **** Ok, I know I promised I wouldn’t subject you to our love letters, but I just wanted to include two word association examples since they were our fave. Are you now SO pumped to fill your partner with love? If you’d like for these prompts to magically appear in your email inbox all ready to fill out, then you’re in luck!

It is also good to know that some members pay sites have also joined the 100% free online dating sites.

This is a way to expand your online presence and increase your chances of meeting your potential partner.

I love all of the various colors used in the birthday printables and especially love that there are colors that work for guys and girls.

I chose to use mostly blues, greens, and reds for my husband’s gifts.

When my husband turned 30, I gave him 30 presents – one present for each day leading up until his 30th birthday with the biggest one on his actual birthday.

You could easily do all 30 presents on his actual birthday or 30 presents starting on his actual birthday.

I’d love you forever if you surprised me with chocolate covered cinnamon bears. And since I couldn’t stop at 30, here are another 30 birthday ideas for him I came up with since my husband’s 30th birthday a few years ago!

It’s amazing how many more gift ideas you can come up with when you’re not put on the spot!

Since we find ourselves writing quite a few of these, we ran out of love letter prompts fairly quickly and were unsatisfied with the love letter ideas we found online (C’mon Google- I thought we were beyond this. Rich is the creative writer type and I’m the nostalgic sap type, so you’ll find a little of both in the prompts.

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