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Driving is a huge deal we are dealing with now and she just started a job.

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Traumatic brain injury occurs when a sudden trauma causes brain damage.

TBI can result from a closed head injury or a penetrating head injury.

He forgets somethings but then remembers other things i mentioned to him about myself on one of our earlier dates. I know he has short term memory problems so I am trying to figure out the best way to work around this. It sure is tricky I even find it hard to say how i want to be treated but I think treat him as a nomal person but just with the consideration that he has had a tbi.

I am realizing I cannot assume anything and he tells me he waits for my direction. Don't get mad if he gets confused or mixed up, usually these things are easily fixed up so need for a big deal.

It does vary though, if Im having a good few days it will be sooner and if im having a hard time I might never remember.

I can forget a conversation a few seconds after hanging up the phone.

I'm also currently dating a man who suffered a TBI 8 years ago this month. I may remember sometimes, have a growing black hole of safe places I have put things never to be found again.

Now including three sets of identical hand emb hoops, used to be just two. Hubby looks after our paperwork like insurance etc, thankfully.

I wish both of you all the best Patience is the really the only advise I can give on this one. Everyone is individual in how they respond from this injury. We can remember things that happened several days ago, better than things that happened just a few minutes ago. But, like every injury is different, emotions may not have been effected for him.

With the brain injury, it sounds like it is the same as what I have. I am really glad to hear that you are interested and looking for some direction with all this. You are sure to get some really good advise from the other members of this group. Im glad you reached out to ask about this, learning as much as you can will help.

With my memory problems, it takes me about a week to remember things.

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