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Wolverine went to Japan to investigate what happened and Shingen targeted him for termination.

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Breakout Character when talking about the X-Men, Wolverine, alias Logan, Weapon X, and James Howlett is a Canadian superhero with an impaired memory, a gruff personality, and claws coming out of his wrists.

That changed after House Of M, where she was placed with some other students and eventually grew close to fellow students Cessily 'Mercury' Kincaid, who had also been through a lot, Julian 'Hellion' Keller, who wound up as her crush, and Sooraya 'Dust' Qadir, who she gains a mutual respect for. Gathering a group of immortals to himself, Winsor repeatedly infects them with his diseases, alternately using them as test subjects and enforcers. my father."Daken is the son of Wolverine and his deceased wife Itsu.

Logan later legally adopts her as a daughter to provide her with some manner of family. And I am fully capable of empathizing with the pain, emotional or physical, of others. With a goal of eventually exterminating all life in the universe, Contagion is as bad as even Wolverine's adversaries can get. Blessed with his dad's Wolverine Claws (although with a twist or two there) and Healing Factor, as well as the added ability to give off pheromones, Daken is a younger, darker and edgier version of his dad, who was the dark and edgy poster child of the 70s-90s.

She grew up being trained to be an Assassin, so that the Facility could sell her talents to the highest bidder.

She grew up being emotionally and physically abused, in order to remove such weaknesses as emotion and self worth. Sarah Kinney, the one scientist who treated her like a child, tried to free her, but X-23 had been conditioned with a special 'Trigger Scent' that would forcefully throw her into a Berserker Rage, and X-23 uncontrollably killed the good scientist. Kinney named her Laura, as she had yet to be given a name.

The events made Mariko the new Clan leader and conveniently a widow.

She became engaged to Wolverine and they scheduled their marriage.

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However, Sarah Kinney states X-23 is technically a genetic twin rather than a true clone, making her Logan's sister.

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