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He was a month short of his 21st birthday at the time of his death.New American Minelaying Destroyer coming alongside jetty ahead of us at Key West.He stayed two days in the Uruguayan capital before proceeding to the Argentine."(on reverse) To Mrs E Smith, 39A James St, Devonport, England – My Dear E.

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The battle cruiser Repulse, with the Prince on board, left Portsmouth under a heavy sky, but soon ran into the sunshine.

Early in the voyage she met the Atlantic Fleet, on its wav home from the Mediterranean, and in the neighbourhood of Vigo passed between two lines of warships, three miles in length; a stately scene enlivened by the traditional salutes and the playing of ships' bands.

Sorry to rob him of it, so will see what I can pick up for him down South in return for it. This card is one of a series of 3 I took of the ship, selling very well too. This is all I can look at all day, so when you see Curlew arrived. (PS) Am afraid its rather a dark print, but there’s only one left until I do some more In June 1923, President Warren Harding went on a cross-country "Voyage of Understanding," to meet ordinary people and explain his policies.

He became the first president to visit Alaska but while travelling south through British Columbia and Vancouver - when these photos were taken - became seriously ill.

Within a week he had died in San Franciso, aged 57 Aurora & Canadian Royal Naval Barracks, Halifax from our upper bridge. The ship's itinerary includes a stay in St George's Bay (between Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island) which ended on 6 September.

All this part was blown up by the explosion in 1917 (HMS Aurora, Arethusa-class light cruiser, launched 1913, put into Care & Maintenance at Halifax in June 1922, sold for breaking up 1927)The photographs are not dated, but one identifies the location as St George's, N. In 2009 and through the wonders of the internet, this has been identified as the funeral of AB Faux by his nephew, Rod Faux, for which my thanks.

The slopes of the hillside were occupied by a varied multitude, from paramount chiefs in the centre to Boy Scouts on the outskirts.

The Prince caught glimpses of civilizing influence's in Sierra Leone on a drive to Fourah Bay College, at the laying of the foundation-stone of Government offices, at the opening of Freetown's first agricultural show, and perhaps also from the absence of mosquitoes at an entertainment at Government House. The Prince was the first person to step ashore on the new break-water at Takoradi, and the first to entrain on the Kumasi railway; his landing is to be commemorated by a tower.

The Prince's first experience of West Africa was at Bathurst, the capital of the Gambia, which boasts itself the oldest though the smallest British African settlement.

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